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18 Heartwarming Tweets About Animals That Will Make Your Day 100% Better


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1. These cats acting out The Lion King way too well.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @MaudBernab

2. This chameleon that obviously doesn't need to get a grip.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Emma_The_Ward

3. This mother-to-be living her best life at the beach.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Gisselleorozcoo

4. This sneaky cat that just wants to hang with her friend.

This kitten lives in an animal shelter, but she's always sneaking out to visit her best friend🐶🐱

Twitter / Via Twitter: @BabbyAnimal

5. This cat that's tracking all its gains.


Twitter / Via Twitter: @FroganMeeman

6. This adorable puppy's celebration cake.

Bleu's adoption party 🐶💙🎉

Twitter / Via Twitter: @nicoleeeerenee

7. This cat that is scamming the day before the day scams it.

My friend's cat is out here trying to collect some insurance money.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Mr_DrinksOnMe

8. This horse that seems to have A LOT on its mind.

I'm obsessed with this therapy horse that looks like it has the soul of a murdered victorian era child

Twitter / Via Twitter: @aRealLiveGhost

Or spirit.

9. This puppy that'll be doing all the tricks in no time.

This is the cutest puppy 🐶 I have ever seen😍

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Lorry_william


10. This kitty that has some pretty big aspirations.


11. This dog who is really going places.

she took the midnight train going anywhere

Twitter / Via Twitter: @oafale

12. This bedtime problem that actually seems amazing to have.

My Aunt and Uncle have 20 + husky dogs and have this problem every single night😂😂 I thought twitter would apprecia…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @xleahprescottx

13. This otter that knows exactly how you feel.

when I need my space but I also want attention

Twitter / Via Twitter: @zoexrain

14. This cat that could've replaced Lady Olenna on GoT.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @DanuelFetizanan

15. This dog that is a hide and seek champion.

I'm trying to leave for college and my dog is hiding in my car omg 😭💔

Twitter / Via Twitter: @tiffany_fowler2

16. This cat that is absolutely SLAYING at its photoshoot.

I literally did a photoshoot today for my cat LOL OMG 😂😻

Twitter / Via Twitter: @search

17. The kitty that proves there isn't one way to relax.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @EmrgencyKittens

18. Finally, this cat that's doing the cutest job of soothing this whimpering pup.

If this doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will

Twitter / Via Twitter: @pnkhippo

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