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18 Heartwarming Tweets About Animals That Will Make Your Day 100% Better


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1. These cats acting out The Lion King way too well.

3. This mother-to-be living her best life at the beach.

4. This sneaky cat that just wants to hang with her friend.

This kitten lives in an animal shelter, but she's always sneaking out to visit her best friend🐶🐱


5. This cat that's tracking all its gains.


6. This adorable puppy's celebration cake.

Bleu's adoption party 🐶💙🎉

7. This cat that is scamming the day before the day scams it.

My friend's cat is out here trying to collect some insurance money.

8. This horse that seems to have A LOT on its mind.

I'm obsessed with this therapy horse that looks like it has the soul of a murdered victorian era child

Or spirit.


9. This puppy that'll be doing all the tricks in no time.

This is the cutest puppy 🐶 I have ever seen😍


10. This kitty that has some pretty big aspirations.


11. This dog who is really going places.

she took the midnight train going anywhere

12. This bedtime problem that actually seems amazing to have.

My Aunt and Uncle have 20 + husky dogs and have this problem every single night😂😂 I thought twitter would apprecia…


13. This otter that knows exactly how you feel.

when I need my space but I also want attention

14. This cat that could've replaced Lady Olenna on GoT.

15. This dog that is a hide and seek champion.

I'm trying to leave for college and my dog is hiding in my car omg 😭💔

16. This cat that is absolutely SLAYING at its photoshoot.

I literally did a photoshoot today for my cat LOL OMG 😂😻

17. The kitty that proves there isn't one way to relax.

18. Finally, this cat that's doing the cutest job of soothing this whimpering pup.

If this doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will