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People Are Loving This Artist’s “Doodles” He Made On His iPhone

Yeah, doodles.

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Earlier this week, 24-year-old artist Michael Orta, who goes by the Twitter handle @yunghermoso came to the realization that you can "doodle" in the Notes app.

i jus realized i can doodle in the notes app today ...

Orta told BuzzFeed that he was looking through old notes and happened to stumble across the "squiggle" accidentally.


According to Orta the reaction to his newfound medium has been overwhelming. He said, "I think it's dope that people reacted so positively! I think my favorite part of the reaction is people reaching out to me with their stuff, there's a limited set of tools in the Notes app and it's interesting seeing how differently people utilize them."


Now, if you're wondering how to "doodle" on your iPhone, it's easy.