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50 Early-’00s Cartoons All Kids Without Cable Definitely Watched At Some Point

Didn't say you ~liked~ 'em all.

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4. Braceface


Why you watched it: Because it usually came on during the week when you got home from school, BUT — it really made you appreciate the fact that either you didn't have braces or your braces didn't intercept phone calls.


9. Jackie Chan Adventures

Warner Bros.

Why you watched it: Because anything related to Jackie Chan onscreen is irresistable. Seeing an animated version of him fight off bad guys in search of talismans is like watching his movies on steroids.


13. Seven Little Monsters


Why you watched it: Because the characters always reminded you of some other monsters but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Fun fact: The show is based on a book with the same name by Maurice Sendak, who is also the creator of Where the Wild Things Are.


18. The Cramp Twins

Cartoon Network

Why you watched it: Initially the quirky drawing style reminded you of Teacher's Pet, but you shortly found out that it wasn't, at all. But seeing Wayne put Lucien through hell really made you feel for him.

19. The Oblongs

Warner Bros.

Why you watched it: Because you definitely knew you were watching something you weren't supposed to. But the cute drawing style didn't make your parents inquire too much about it.


25. Batman Beyond

Warner Bros.

Why you watched it: Because it's Batman, duh again. It felt like a brand-new cartoon even though the villains were pretty much the same. But seeing an old Bruce Wayne teach his protégé Terry McGinnis the tricks of trade and kick ass in the future? Sign me up.

29. Teen Titans

Warner Bros.

Why you watched it: Because it was SOOO good! You were probably excited when you saw Teen Titans Go! carrying on tradition, but the original Teen Titans will forever have your heart.

30. Da Boom Crew

Warner Bros

Why you watched it: The theme song sounded awesome and the drawing style was cool AF. It wasn’t around for long, and it still hurts your heart a bit. Also look at that diversity!

35. Funky Cops

Télévision Par Satellite

Why you watched it: Because there was nothing else on that you were really into initially. But when you saw these two dudes "gettin' down" on the dance floor and whooping ass like Miami Vice, you were hooked.

44. Martin Mystery

Marathon International

Why you watched it: The animation style caught your interest, but then you couldn't turn away even when the scary-ass monsters throughout the show made you want to.

45. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Disney-ABC International Television

Why you watched it: The name alone raised your eyebrow; the familiar voice of Chiro (Greg Cipes), who also voiced Beast Boy from Teen Titans, piqued your interest; amazing action throughout the series kept your attention.

46. Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse


Why you watched it: The instant interest came from the title for sure. I mean, who doesn't want to see a horse tap-dance? Don't answer that, but in the context of a cartoon — instant attention grabber.

49. Atomic Betty

Distribution 360

Why you watched it: Because Betty made you feel like you could do anything you put your mind to. Who else loves school, sings in a band, AND is a Galactic Guardian? I'll wait...OK, time's up, nobody!