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    35 Hilarious Signs That Failed So Hard They Won

    It's all you can eat at the Nasty Buffet.

    1. This sign that's been made by someone with a really dark sense of humor.

    2. This beer and wine sign that will inspire a hardcore night of sobriety.

    3. This really confusing construction sign.

    4. This sign that's really sad if it's supposed to be taken literally.

    5. This cautionary sign that's protecting the technology that will affect us all.

    6. This sign that couldn't be placed by a worse flavor of Pop-Tarts.

    7. This convenience store that's offensive AF.

    8. This restaurant that I would assume has a horrible rating.

    9. This extremely inconspicuous sign that looks like it belongs in the red light district.

    10. This book store where everything is more than likely affordable.

    11. This gas station you should probably steer clear from.

    12. This Walgreens that should probably invest in laxatives.

    13. This sign that's really considerate of children that are feeling a little gassy.

    14. This Petco that only has fish.

    15. This sign that's silently catcalling you as you walk up the street.

    16. This emergency and trauma center sign that makes more sense now that a couple neon letters went out.

    17. This road that's contradicting itself by its existence alone.

    18. This flavor of bagel that's only for the adventurous...or masochistic.

    19. This flavor of cake that no one really has the palate or stomach for.

    20. This sign for a toilet that was built for a very specific demographic.

    21. This sign that is the manifestation of the idiom, "beating a dead horse."

    22. This massage place that can't possibly be legal.

    23. This perverse family restaurant.

    24. This really confusing sign for anyone driving in the right lane.

    25. This Wendy's that probably needs investigation.

    26. This store that's working over-overtime.

    27. This holiday gift that keeps on giving.

    28. This Target that should be arrested for advertising to minors.

    29. These signs that are clearly not on the same page.

    30. This showroom logo that needs redesigning.

    31. This extremely thorough rule for employees.

    32. This McDonald's that has clearly given up on advertising.

    33. This sign that is mistakenly exposing fragile masculinity.

    34. This really visible place to get a prostate exam.

    35. This place that would make Macho Man Randy Savage's eyes well up with pride.