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15 Tweets That Will Crack You Up If You've Gone Through A Break Up

Laughter is the best medicine.

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1. When you celebrate the small victories.

Single af. Financially unstable. Emotionally distressed. And just moved into an overpriced apartment with roommates…

2. When you give your ex an A for effort.

When your ex tries to make you jealous

3. When you know make-up sex isn't an option.

When ya ex trying to convince you to smash one last time.

4. When your ex is still trying to interact with you on social media.

When ya ex comment something nice on your selfie


5. When your ex seems to be handling the break-up pretty well.

when you block him on all your social media and block his number but he doesn't try sending you smoke signals to le…

7. When you're trying to enjoy lunch and see your ex.

When ya ex tryna be petty and come to your job and eat .

8. When you're finally get back on your feet and your ex starts creeping back in.

when you're doing fantastic in life & ya ex tries to come back...


9. When your friends try to cheer you up, but it does the complete opposite.

when your friend calls your ex ugly to try to cheer you up but you get mad cause that means you date ugly people

10. How your friends feel when you keep making the same mistake.

Your best friend when you tell them that you think you're going to try to make things work with your ex...for the 4…

11. What it looks like seeing your ex after you break up.

When ya ex glows up & you see her walk past you 😂

12. When you realize you were completely valid in worrying the person they told you not to worry about.

When u spot ur ex with the person they always told you not to worry about


13. When your ex is being petty and doesn't want you watching movies on their dime.

When your ex kicks you off their Netflix account

14. When you catch your ex in a boldfaced lie.

when your ex said they couldn't live without you but they not dead yet

15. Finally, when you finally realize everything happens for a reason.

When you see ya ex getting jumped but you know it's all part of gods plan so you let it happen