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    Updated on Jan 19, 2019. Posted on Jul 12, 2018

    26 Reasons Why You Should Be Honored Raccoons Dig Through Your Trash

    They're little treasures that dig through the trash.

    1. Look at this helpful raccoon that calms down the animals arriving to see the vet.

    OnlyBreakingMash / Via

    2. And this group of raccoons that has accepted a cat as one of their own.

    parrow / Via

    3. Or this one getting real cozy with a dog that seems a bit perturbed.

    pesukarhu / Via

    4. Or these two little guys that are doing their best to hop the fence.

    Awww, I usually just see a few lizards and maybe a roadrunner in the Bosque! These #raccoon are adorable! Thanks Cheri Davis for this one! #koat #abq #albuquerque #nm #newmexico #raccoons #wildlife #cute

    5. They have a thorough understanding of teamwork making the dream work.

    thund3rbolt / Via

    6. Take a look at this raccoon staring into the depths of your soul. / Via Ithink_therefore_iam

    7. Is your cold, cold heart warmed by the adorableness yet?

    poltib / Via

    8. Maybe it will be when you see that this raccoon just wants a little tender loving care.

    pesukarhu / Via

    9. Or this raccoon with a contagious yawn that clearly is having the best time cuddling.

    pesukarhu / Via

    10. And this foodie whose tastebuds are obviously refined for the finest of grapes.

    elfinglamour / Via

    11. Raccoons can be a little rough around the edges, sure...

    elfinglamour / Via

    12. ...but they also have a softer side.

    RallyX26 / Via

    13. Even when they're trying to be tough and protect a corner, it's adorable.

    Combat_Infantry / Via

    14. This all surely has melted your heart by now.

    poltib / Via

    15. How about these three baby raccoons that are adorably attached at the hip?

    SpartaWolf117 / Via

    16. Or this one that decided to stand on its hind legs to get up-close and personal with you.

    bindyboo / Via

    17. Maybe too personal! Back off a bit jeez.

    RallyX26 / Via

    18. Look at this albino raccoon living its best life.

    Veh0 / Via

    19. And these two that are more concerned with holding their breath in milk than actually drinking it.

    xeokym / Via

    Weird, but cute.

    20. You can have a cuddle party with them!


    21. Although it's probably best to keep your distance because they are naturally wild animals.

    lfarrell22 / Via

    They're also actually illegal as pets in some states. So, do your research before making any irrational decisions.

    22. But look at this one reclining back like it's on vacation.

    I_stuls / Via

    23. Or this one relaxing on a damn doorstep.

    Thatchgasm / Via

    24. Or this young one that really wants out its cage.

    pesukarhu / Via

    25. Because their cuteness shouldn't be confined to small places.

    trippintherift / Via

    26. Roam free little ones, roam free.

    fucklestick / Via

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