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    26 Truths All Gamers Know Too Well

    It’s all fun and games until you forget to save.

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    1. When you play someone who has never played before and they get a major stroke of beginner's luck.

    Midway Games

    2. When you can finally exhale after defeating the boss right before they were about to kill you.

    Lionhead Studios

    3. When you die right before the checkpoint.


    4. ... or when you die before you can save your game.


    5. When you try doing something IRL that you've done a million times in a video game and it doesn't quite work out.

    EA Games / Via

    6. When you feel like your party characters have become your friends.

    Square Enix

    Chances are you've even heard them sing around a bonfire.

    7. ...and the betrayal you feel when a member of your party backstabs you.

    Bethesda Softworks

    I saved you from the Orc hordes! How could you!?

    8. When an inexperienced player does the same move over and over again.

    EA Sports

    9. When you're overcome with complete frustration after dying in the same place over and over again.


    10. When you have to sit through your death scene just so the game can rub it in that you just lost.

    Midway Games / Via

    11. When you've played a game so much you have the dialogue memorized.

    Bethesda Softworks

    12. When you have no choice to pick up the slack of your friend because they're not as experienced of a gamer as you are.

    Microsoft Studios

    Damnit Jeff, not again!

    13. When you can't even look at yourself in the mirror after somehow losing to a computer.


    14. When you use video game analogies to describe real life.

    geekwit / Via

    15. When you're trying not to cry over seeing your character grow right before your eyes.

    Electronic Arts / Via

    16. The satisfying feeling of killing a row of bad guys.


    17. When you're so wrapped up in the game that you don't want to re-join real life.

    The Guild / Via

    18. When some things in the game just don't add up.

    Rockstar Games


    19. When you're satisfied with yourself for finding a one-of-a-kind easter egg.

    Bethesda Softworks

    20. When you almost throw your entire console out the window because the game glitches at a crucial moment.

    Rockstar Games

    And kills your date.

    21. When no one can understand you because you've started to only speak in gamer language.

    The Guild / Via

    22. When your inventory is full but you don't want to give up anything.


    I might need all these healing potions for later!

    23. When your own move backfires on you.


    24. When a level is so difficult that it leaves you questioning your sanity.


    Who designed this? Did they want me to scream and throw my controller across the room?

    25. When you get so desperate to play, nothing will stand in your way.

    26. But absolutely nothing beats the satisfying yet bittersweet moment when you finally beat a game.


    Then restarting the game from the beginning, because you just can't get enough.

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