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24 Wholesome Tweets That Prove The Internet Isn't All That Bad

"Drunk calling exes is cancelled. We’re out here drunk calling our friends and letting them know how proud we are of them."

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1. This singer who already has the greatest back-up dancer:


2. This bundle of joy with her fidget spinner:

my grandma got a fidget spinner for her 85th birthday and look how happy she is 😭❤️

3. These long-lost brothers who found each other:

y’all I just found my birth brother. I don’t know what to think. I’m about to go meet him. Turns out we go to the s…

4. This doggo whose newfound warmth will warm your heart:

I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he’s been shivering all night and he’s so happy I want to c…

5. This dog that finally gave up his vice:

my dog got a haircut and now it looks like he gave up drinking.

6. This guy who really got banned from a bar:

My coworker told me he got banned from a bar when he lived in North Dakota back in 1973 and didn’t try going back t…

7. This pup that had quite the growth spurt:

8. This student that misunderstood their essay assignment:

My professor handed back our 3 page film essays to my surprise I got a C after class I asked her why “you were sup…

9. The cricket that found possibly the greatest hotel for itself:

Last night it was cold & windy & when I opened my door this cricket hopped in, so I set him up good for the night:…

10. This extremely apologetic GrubHub driver:

My grubhub driver who is definitely someone’s grandpa goes “I have a delivery for a gentleman named Alek” and I’m l…

11. This daughter and father who have the cutest monthly tradition:

Every month this year, my husband has taken our daughter out on “dates”. He brings her home flowers, helps her pick…

12. The professor that has already done his best to help:

my geometry prof is the cutest old man and today he was using wikipedia to show us something and when the notice po…

13. This classmate who was feeding his chinchilla carrots in class:

today in class this guy I was sitting next to had a bag of carrots & the entire class he kept throwing them into hi…

14. This new rule for drunk dialing loved ones:

drunk calling exes is cancelled we’re out here drunk calling our friends and letting them know how proud we are of them

15. These summer friends that might be lifelong friends now:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Filth800

16. These two online friends who are best friends IRL now:

15 years of playing on Xbox live. The first time we have ever met, and he’s a groomsman in my wedding. Online frien…

17. These two BFFs who decided that they're twins:

My sister and her bestfriend think that they’re twins because they have the same birthday and this was the outcome..

18. This dog who is appreciative of the finer things in life:

Guys my mom just tucked my dog in for his afternoon nap and I am dying

19. This mom who just got caught lackin':

Mom I love you so much but I had to do it 💀

20. This beautiful pumpkin:

I work in an animation studio with some of the best artists I’ve ever met and this is the pumpkin that won our carv…

21. This kid that isn't concerned with the main character of Moana:

Why my little sister choose to be the chicken from Moana instead of just being Moana 😐😂❤️

22. The grandfather who is just really proud of his orange tree:

My grandpa has been growing an Orange tree and he made my grandma take pictures of him with it before we went to ch…

23. This baby who is extremely excited about the gift her grandfather bought her:

Grandpa bought her a teddy bear😂😂😂

24. Finally, this baby who isn't down to share:

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