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    24 Obscure Cartoons All Twentysomethings Kinda Remember, Sorta

    These kind of ring a bell.

    1. X-Men: Evolution (2000)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Watching this new show and it feeling nostalgic somehow.

    2. Super Duper Sumos (2002)


    Fondest memory: Come know EXACTLY what you remember.

    3. Class of 3000 (2006)

    Cartoon Network

    Fondest memory: The songs they would make every episode.

    4. Gary and Mike (2001)

    Comedy Central

    Fondest memory: "Whatchya doin'? Poopin'?"

    5. Phantom Investigators (2002)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Watching and wondering, "When did Life With Loopy get its own show?"

    6. Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!


    Fondest memory: Watching this thinking, "I didn't know they had a cartoon."

    7. Clerks: The Animated Series (2000)


    Fondest memory: When they beat up Charles Barkley for doing their Science Sez segment.

    8. The Mummy: The Animated Series (2001)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Watching this series right after watching the movies.

    9. Teacher's Pet (2000)


    Fondest memory: The way this show made you want to play Cranium.

    10. The Ripping Friends (2001)


    Fondest memory: Mr. Pugent Puss.

    11. Timothy Goes To School (2000)


    Fondest memory: That raspy-ass theme song.

    12. The Zeta Project (2001)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Batman's appearance, obviously.

    13. Seven Little Monsters (2000)


    Fondest memory: The resemblance to a certain other group of monsters that you couldn't quite put your finger on.

    14. Kenny The Shark (2003)

    Discovery Kids

    Fondest memory: Feeling like Kenny was going to eat someone every episode.

    15. Clone High (2002)


    Fondest memory: How short-lived this series was :(.

    16. The Oblongs (2001)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: How insane the family looked and was.

    17. Funky Cops (2002)


    Fondest memory: That funky-ass music.

    18. Mission Hill (1999)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Gus and Wally.

    19. My Life As A Teenage Robot (2003)


    Fondest memory: When Jenny had to go back to kindergarten.

    20. Totally Spies! (2001)


    Fondest memory: Wanting to be a spy after watching an episode.

    21. Generation O! (2000)

    Warner Bros

    Fondest memory: Trying to get that theme stuck out of your head.

    22. Teamo Supremo (2002)


    Fondest memory: "Chi-ka! Buh-zah! Wuh-pa!"

    23. Xiolin Showdown (2003)

    Warner Bros

    Fondest memory: Knowing deep down in your heart that Omi's resemblance to Krillin couldn't be a coincidence.

    24. Da Boom Crew (2004)

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: Honestly, you don't remember anything from this 'toon...except its strong resemblance to The Proud Family. Same creator though.

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