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    Updated on Sep 6, 2018. Posted on Sep 5, 2018

    21 Insightful Tweets That Will Inspire You To Get Your Life Together

    "Next time someone says, 'you changed,' say, thank you."


    If you’re reading this release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. We physically tend to hold onto stress in least noticeable ways. Relax.


    Surround yourself with people that constantly make you want to set your bar higher.


    sex is cool but have you ever had someone give you so much emotional safety that you were able to break down & process trauma right in front of them without fear of being judged or ridiculed?


    if you can’t get fly in goodwill, you won’t be fly in designer.


    Next time someone says “you changed,” say thank you.


    The current chapter of my life is split in 2 sections called: 1. If it doesn’t serve you, it has to go...even if you really really like it / them. 2. You know better, so it’s time to do better.


    stop dealin wit people who never take responsibility when they’re wrong in a situation. a very trash ass trait


    I'm afraid if I start working out I'll be too sexy


    Inner peace is not about the absence of any chaos in your life, its the ability to stay aligned within the midst of all that life presents you with. The key to peace is being able to accept what is, releasing resistance and going with the flow of energy towards the best outcome.


    You meet someone incredible but you question it. You get invited to the table, but sit silently because you’re too busy questioning if you belong. Good things happen in your life and you ask why. Blessings can’t multiply if you always wasting energy questioning them.


    At a certain point in life you have to get tired of the same cycles and outcomes and put your focus towards breaking those cycles and preparing for better results.


    everybody gone feel a way when you’re living life your way..just don’t let that get in your way.


    You cannot continue to do things the old way and expect different results. We are in a new energetic frequency now. Choices and actions must come from the heart space, not the unhealed wounds.



    it’s crazy, working on yourself never ends. you get better & then boom, now it’s new shit you gotta work on. you just be unlocking endless levels of growth.


    my space is for me. your space is for you. if we decide that we can share energy, we’ll create an entirely new space where we can both thrive.


    So many things can change in jus a few months. I felt like my life was going nowhere a few months ago. now every other day, I’m busy with a new opportunity. It’s normal to feel stuck & confused, just make sure you continue to work hard to get out of that confusion. It’ll pay off.


    Interested in mastering myself.


    Having humility doesn’t negate high self esteem because that enables you to do the things you truly BELIEVE in for other people and yourself.


    Physical attraction is amazing.. financial stability helps A LOT.. but don’t forget the things that carry a relationship like trust, communication, security, friendship.. It’s not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that makes relationships unhappy..


    Social media does a good job of making you feel pressured / or behind ... because they have to validate someone’s accomplishments by their age . . Just remember it’s still room for you and when it’s your time it’s YOUR TIME .

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