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    19 Reasons Why Haitians Are Spoiled When It Comes To Food

    H/T Haitian Recipes.

    1. We have mixed vegetables with meat that you'll never have to beg your kid to eat.

    2. You can seriously make a meal with our appetizers.

    3. Our typical breakfast is good in the morning, noon, or at night.

    4. Our meatballs are amazing even if there's no spaghetti to accompany it.

    5. Don't get it twisted though, we do pasta very well.

    6. Whether they're sweet or savory, our plantains are straight up addictive.

    7. Our spicy relish with pickled cabbage goes well with ANYTHING.

    8. We also have our holiday drink that'll have you lit like a Christmas tree.

    9. Our desserts don't need icing and decorations to be sweet and delicious...

    10. ...but we can make a beautiful-looking cake that tastes just as good too.

    11. Our cornmeal is full of flavor and is a staple that you can have any time of the day.

    12. Our conch has a nice kick to it that's unlike anything you've ever had.

    13. Our New Year's pumpkin soup is good to have all year long.

    14. Our rice and beans can stand on their own without anything else...

    15. ...but if you pour some of our red pea soup on that rice, your tastebuds WILL thank you...

    16. ...and they're EVEN better when you have it with our crunchy, yet tender, basically perfect fried pork.

    17. You can always switch it up and try our mushroom rice, because variety is the spice of life.

    18. Our fried chicken is delicious in its own distinct way.

    19. And finally, our stewed chicken is the stuff of legend.