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19 Photos Of Waves Guaranteed To Make You Seasick

"Sportin' Waves"

1. Waves are perhaps the greatest accomplishment you can have as a young adult.


2. Where's Michael Phelps when you need him?!

Instagram: @onlyonebj_showoff

3. *Cues* "Drowning" by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

Instagram: @brushgamebeast

4. This curly in the front, wavy in the back look is giving me motion sickness.

Instagram: @vonkeith_thebarber

5. This is actually breaking my heart though.

Instagram: @officialwavers

6. Look at this red sea with the part in it.

Instagram: @wavycreatures

7. These kind of waves look like you would get "so pitted."

Instagram: @wavers

8. And these dyed waves will make you want to pinch yourself after asking, "Am I dreaming?"

Instagram: @wavers

9. You can thrive with little ripples...

Instagram: @wave_kings

11. But don't look into the eye of the storm for too long here.

Instagram: @traciloren_naturals

12. The waves know no boundaries!

Instagram: @yungstxf

13. They're ~suited~ for anyone who's dedicated enough.

Instagram: @wavers

14. *Plays* "Pink Matter" by Frank Ocean after buying Cold Label Pomade.

Instagram: @wave

15. Even when you have to work, the waves won't take a day off.

Instagram: @brii_sledge

16. And you can never start them too early.

Instagram: @myfluffypuffs

17. As long as you remember your brush is your best friend...

Instagram: @walton_tyler1

18. ...and your du-rag is your soulmate.

Instagram: @wavers

19. It'll all pay off when you finally take off the du-rag.

No group of friends hype each other more than a group of black men 😂😂💀

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