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    19 Photos Of Waves Guaranteed To Make You Seasick

    "Sportin' Waves"

    1. Waves are perhaps the greatest accomplishment you can have as a young adult.

    2. Where's Michael Phelps when you need him?!

    3. *Cues* "Drowning" by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

    4. This curly in the front, wavy in the back look is giving me motion sickness.

    5. This is actually breaking my heart though.

    6. Look at this red sea with the part in it.

    7. These kind of waves look like you would get "so pitted."

    8. And these dyed waves will make you want to pinch yourself after asking, "Am I dreaming?"

    9. You can thrive with little ripples...

    10. ...or tsunami waves.

    11. But don't look into the eye of the storm for too long here.

    12. The waves know no boundaries!

    13. They're ~suited~ for anyone who's dedicated enough.

    14. *Plays* "Pink Matter" by Frank Ocean after buying Cold Label Pomade.

    15. Even when you have to work, the waves won't take a day off.

    16. And you can never start them too early.

    17. As long as you remember your brush is your best friend...

    18. ...and your du-rag is your soulmate.

    19. It'll all pay off when you finally take off the du-rag.

    No group of friends hype each other more than a group of black men 😂😂💀