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    19 Adorable Pit Bull Images That'll Brighten Your Day

    They say, "There's no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners."

    1. Look at this dog getting up close and personal.

    2. Oh damn! Check out this super vicious puppy attack.

    3. This pup is clearly trying to make you cry tears of joy.

    4. And the love-fest happening in this living room is adorable.

    5. Look how this one's face melts in your hand.

    6. And this one's smile will make your heart melt.

    7. This pit is just stuck — watching this bird.

    8. While these birds are literally stuck to this pit.

    9. Whew, these swimming lessons look intense.

    10. Check out this adorable doggo that has no understanding of personal space.

    11. And neither does this litter of puppies.

    12. Look at this wobbly kitten making its way through this pit's legs.

    13. Now, take a wild guess on who thinks they're with their best friend in this picture.

    Hint...'s not the cat.

    14. This cat is a little more than indifferent about this pit's presence.

    15. Look at this one that has achieved nirvana.

    16. This puppy is so little, yet so stoic.

    17. This little one can ride in the passenger seat any day.

    18. This doggy is the perfect accomplice to the "a dog ate my homework" excuse.

    19. And finally, bliss!