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    Just A Bunch Of Fun Facts About “Seinfeld” Most Fans Have No Idea About

    "So, what's the deal with Seinfeld?"

    1. Michael Richards is a certified diver and performed his underwater stunt in "The Friar's Club" epsiode perfectly in two takes.

    2. Julia Dreyfus was pregnant while filming the hilarious fight scene with Jerry in "The Fix-Up" episode.

    3. Larry David wrote an episode that focused on Elaine buying a gun, but it was vetoed by the cast.

    4. Elaine's father, Lawrence Tierney, was supposed to have a reoccurring role on the show, but he scared everyone after he stole a knife from the set of Jerry's kitchen.

    5. The Soup Nazi episode was based on a real-life restaurant owner who was extremely pissed when he first met Jerry Seinfeld, he yelled, "You fucking asshole!" to him.

    6. The music composer Jonathan Wolff made a different song for each episode.

    7. George's monologue at the end of "The Marine Biologist" wasn't rehearsed because it was written the day before filming. Jason Alexander ended up nailing it in one take.

    8. Larry David was pissed about Seinfeld being rescheduled to Thursday nights to replace Cheers, because he didn't wanted to be Cheers' little brother.

    9. Jerry doesn't regret naming the show after himself especially because he couldn't think of another title.

    10. The New Yorker actually wrote an article about the comic Elaine made for The New Yorker.

    11. The character Jackie Chiles is based on Johnnie Cochran, and the actor who played Jackie knew Johnnie since he was a kid.

    12. Jerry started a snowball fight with the production staff that lasted for 25 minutes after filming "The Rye" episode.

    13. The name of Elaine's high school boyfriend in "The Caddy" was actually named after a guy Julia Louis-Dreyfus dated in high school, who also reached out when the show aired.

    14. Sarah Silverman told Michael Richards, "I don't give a shit about your stupid house." before filming their scene at Monk's Diner. They became friends after that.

    15. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David came up with the idea for Seinfeld while having a conversation about different products at a grocery store.

    16. Frank Costanza's "This guy...this is not my kind of guy," line was lifted from the infamous Buddy Rich Tapes.

    17. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Larry David both worked for Saturday Night Live, Julia as an actor and Larry as a writer.

    18. Elizabeth Sheridan once dated James Dean, she speaks about it in her book "Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life with James Dean: A Love Story."

    19. And finally, Jerry really wanted to end Seinfeld because, "Ten seasons seemed so much longer than nine."