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    Posted on Apr 26, 2017

    17 Tweets That Prove All Cartoons Are Kinda Educational


    1. Pretty early on we learned that pizza is the cure for everything.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons 🍕🍕🍕 this...


    2. And if you can't have pizza, any tasty food will do just fine.

    Food improves everything. #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons


    3. They taught us if you find a look that works for you, stick with it.

    You can wear the same outfit your entire life #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons

    4. And they also remind us to never give up on love...

    Don't give up on your crush just yet #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons


    5. ...or our dreams.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons Tom has been chasing Jerry for the longest time. If your dream means that much to you, never stop chasing it.

    6. It's really important that we understand that animals should be protected.

    Lab Testing On Mice Is Dangerous #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons

    7. Also, little things like ~rules~ and ~laws~ are made to be broken.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons Precisely 😂


    8. They've taught us that growing up will most likely change you...


    9. ...for the worst, if you let it.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons what adulthood would be like

    Warner Bros.

    10. But there's nothing wrong with a little bit of indulging.

    How to roll a joint😂#ThingsILearnedFromCartoons

    11. Learning a new language can be really beneficial for you.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons Omelette du fromage.

    12. Because it's the little things you learn that'll help you feel more well-rounded.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons How to be fancy

    13. And you should always treat others with the utmost respect.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons a person's a person, no matter how small

    20th Century Fox

    14. It also revealed to us the truth behind a lot of todays problems.

    It's always an old white guy that did it #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons

    Hanna-Barbera Productions

    15. Because monsters do exist, just not the way we initially thought they did.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons that people are the only real monsters on this world...

    Hanna-Barbera Productions

    16. But, self-love is the most important kind of love.

    Love yourself. #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons

    Cartoon Network

    17. And finally, The Simpsons have some sort of fortune teller that's working for them.

    #ThingsILearnedFromCartoons No matter what happens, what life throws at you, what you invent, the Simpsons thought…


    That shit is trippy.

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