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15 Really Unique Ways People Met Their Significant Others


Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the strangest ways couples met their partners. Here are some of the best ones.

1. This couple who met through a delivered pizza:

2. This couple who met over a cadaver:

3. This couple who caused an engagement to be called off:

4. This woman who killed a bug:

"So I was running late in high school and noticed a stink bug above the locker next to me. I tell the guy next to me, 'Look out, dude!' and slammed the stink bug with my algebra book. Two months later we were dating, then after one year we got engaged and we've been together nine years total. Who would have thought my female exterminator skills would've won a husband?" —ctysarczyk

5. This couple who met in a psych ward:

6. This couple who met in character at a renaissance fair:

7. This couple who met at a spy-themed party:

"My parents met at a gay party. My mom was a ballerina and my dad was an actor, and all their friends are gay. They spent the entire evening drinking vodka and pretending to be Russian spies, each believing the other was queer. The rest is history when they found out weeks later they were both straight." —furelisenicole2

8. This couple who started everything backwards:

9. This couple who got married before they met:

"A friend of mine works at an open-air museum with Roman excavation grounds. A few times a year they have big festivals where they dress up in original Roman tunics and uniforms. Groups that specialize in Roman cosplay come from all over Europe to show their skills. One wanted to perform a traditional Roman wedding. Unfortunately they didn't have a bride available, so my friend stepped in. Long story short — she married her now-boyfriend traditional Roman-style before she even knew his name. It is my favorite 'How did you two meet?' story of all time. They met at their own wedding." —nataschas471211a17

10. This couple who met on a mountain:

11. This fortune-told match made in heaven:

"One of my friends is really into psychics so I went with her once. He told me there would be a man in my life whose name started with D, and he would be “Someone who truly loves me.” I was on a run one day and some guy looked lost, so I stopped and asked if he needed help and his name was Doug. I was going the same way he was so I walked with him. Both of which are something I would normally never do. We talked for 45 minutes with complete ease and we’ve been together for 2 years now." —kellyd4b83ad08c

12. This couple who met over a conversation with plants:

13. This couple who laughed over an extra appendage:

"I met my boyfriend after the homecoming game our freshman year. I had been crying in the hallway and my boyfriend at the time was trying to comfort me. My current boyfriend walked by us and my ex said, 'That guy has six toes! Hey, come show her your six toes!' And without hesitation he whipped off his sock and shoe. He’s always been able to make me smile and laugh since day one." —palomasutter00

14. These two, who were brought together by Austin Powers:

15. And this couple who ended up having the same ex-boyfriend:

"My ex-girlfriend and I met when I was dating her ex-boyfriend (got that?). I went to a show with him in 2012 and he warned me, 'My ex-girlfriend will be there.' Turns out, she's awesome, and we hit it off and chatted all night. A few years later she and I matched on Tinder!" —saraf45be50781

These submissions have been edited for clarity.