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    Sep 24, 2018

    12 Really Sweet Stories From Servers That Will Make You Tip Better

    "They left a $100 tip and a note that said, 'To help with half of your passport, thank you!'"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community the best experience they had as a server. Here are the heartwarming results.

    1. This Christmas miracle:

    "We heard a story of one of our team members severely down on his luck: broken down car, taking the bus or walking 20+ miles to work daily, his kid got a hold of his bank card and wiped him out, and he didn't think he could get Christmas presents for his grandkids. Such a great human overall, and he always thought about others. Our entire team decided to not only contribute their own hard earned cash towards his car issues, but also we got enough presents together for Christmas. I've never been happier to cry at work." — admaluia

    2. This extremely sweet gesture:

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    "We had a slow night at a restaurant I used to work for and I actually had some time to talk to one of my tables. They ordered some drinks and I checked their IDs — one of them used a passport. That got us talking about the cost of passports, and they had said I should get a passport and go somewhere. I explained that while that is a long term goal of mine I really can't afford it. So, the night goes and when I go back to clean off their table I saw that they leave they left a $100 tip and a note that said, 'To help with half of your passport, thank you!' I nearly cried. That is probably the sweetest gesture I have ever experienced working in food service and I will always remember that." — Hailey Christine Pecce, Facebook

    3. This group's convenient food order:

    "When I was still pretty new to being a waitress I got this huge 20-person table. I was not looking forward to serving this table because this was the first time I had ever served one this big. When I went to these women at the table I found out they were rugby players who were the nicest customers I ever had. Their orders were all the same thing (chicken breast and water) which made it easier on me and they were super nice when they talked to me. I started to clean after they left and one of the ladies came back and helped me pick up what was left of a pretty clean table. She talked about how she was a waitress and that she understood how hard this job was. In the end I found out they had left me a little over $50 for a tip." — mollyd464f2b502

    4. This mourning family:

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    "An older man came in for dinner with his adult daughter one night...they had a picture of his wife who passed away 10 years ago that evening and wanted to have a nice dinner with her again. Every time I came by their table he would tell me a different story about her and their life together. It was really touching and I made sure to check on them often so I could hear more about her." — katiew442906507

    5. This funny customer:

    "I was serving a large table one night and one of the gentlemen in the family ordered the fish and chips. When the dish came out, the man picked up the filet, held it out and said, 'What did you guys deep fry? Moby Dick?' Hardest I ever laughed at work." — dacodam

    6. This joke that led to free food:

    "I served through college at a dive bar near campus. I made a passing comment to a coworker joking about how I should drop a pizza on purpose so I have some food to eat. It was a joke, but I really had no food at home and not much of a means to get it. After cleaning up the dinner rush and busting a table, a mom from one of the tables came back into the restaurant. She handed me a $100 bill (on top of the tip they already left on their check!) and she told me that nobody working so hard at a job and school should have to worry about their next meal, and gave me a big hug and a little pep talk about how awesome I am. I was speechless but managed a thank you. After she left, I went into the bathroom and just sobbed because that was weeks of food I didn’t have to worry about!" — susieunderpants

    7. This genuine couple:

    "One time I served a couple that was in their thirties and they were some of the sweetest people you could ever meet. They asked me all kinds of questions about my life, told me about theirs, and even gave me amazing life lessons about making sure my happiness is first, and how I need to never settle for anything less than what I want or know I deserve. in work, relationships, Etc...and so much more. They left me $40 tip and the woman gave me her number and told me to text her or call her if i ever needed someone to talk to. It was genuinely one of the most humbling experiences ever, and I have never forgotten them. People like them keep me going every day." — apolchinski

    8. This juice mishap:

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    "When I was pregnant with my first son I was working at a restaurant that was just opening. During our soft opening I was bringing out a tray with several tall glasses of orange juice. My 37 week pregnant belly knocked over several glasses as I was trying to set them down on the table. I was mortified. Not only was everyone at the table as kind and understanding as I could ever ask for... they also left me $20. As a young, single, very soon to be first time mom this meant the world to me. I’ll never forget their kindness." — michelle01602

    9. This joke-turned-game:

    "I had a family visiting Times Square, at one point the dad asked me how Janis Joplin died. I answered correctly and joked, 'Is this how I'm going to earn my tip?' He puts five dollars in the center of the table. So again I joke, 'Are we doing the free parking rule in monopoly?' From that point on any time I do anything for that table someone puts money in the center. We laugh, we joke, and at one point they are chanting my name. When all is said and done they leave me a 20% tip on a credit card with 'pass go,' written at the bottom and all the money still in the center. It made my day, not the money as much as them being such fun awesome people." — Matthew Randle, Facebook

    10. This memorable first day:

    "On my very first day as a server I take a couple's drink orders and as I'm coming back, with drinks on the tray, I lose my balance and spill sweet tea ALL over this man. I look at him and I am completely mortified, but before I can even say I'm sorry his wife looks at him, points, and screams, 'Haaaaa!!! That's what you get for being a douche all day!!' I'm so lucky they thought it was funny, and they tipped well!" — Morgan Bolton, Facebook

    11. This table of considerate kids:

    I work at a dinner theatre and they had a kids camp doing a production of Grease where we served lunch. I had a table with two little girls and they ordered some food and a milkshake and when it came time to pay, one of the girls asked me how much they were supposed to tip. I tell them it's customary to leave around 18% and then she asks, "Did we leave enough tip?" in the sweetest voice ever. Just the fact that they were aware that they had to tip and asked me if they had tipped enough (I didn't even check before saying it was enough) was enough to brighten my shift. — Anthony Weber, Facebook

    12. And finally, this couple who snuck out of a hospital:

    Pedro Fequiere / BuzzFeed

    "I was working at a really popular restaurant and it would always be really busy. I was the head-waitress and had to be there all the time. It was really exhausting, but then an older couple began to show up every Thursday and we instantly had a connection. When it was my last day they showed up with flowers and told me that the wife had a heart attack a couple days ago and they had to sneak her out of the hospital to say goodbye to me. It was the most touching thing some customers had ever done and I will always remember that small moment!" — jessicamarionc

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    These submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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