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    17 Dog Tweets That Will Make You Smile Every Time

    Doggonit they're adorable!

    1. This group of puppies that are the best surprise ever.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @jto_iii

    2. This adorable group having a pretty amazing party.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @granitetide

    3. And THIS adorable group having a really weird seance.

    Satanic ritual to summon the Goodest Boy Ever

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @realkimhansen

    4. This dog that has accomplished more in its life than we ever will.

    That pic of a Texas dog with a bag of dog food not only has a happy ending but maybe the best quote about a dog eve…

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @amanbatheja

    5. This puppy that has hopefully found a home now.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Grisez_

    6. This adorable puppy that found peace during a thunderstorm.

    there's a thunderstorm but the good news is my headphones fit Bella perfectly

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @oscarewilde

    7. This dog that has a lot on its mind.

    Why does my dog look like she just remembered something from October 8, 2013 at 2:22pm that doesn’t add up

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @rileywithaB_

    8. This dog that doesn't seem too trustworthy of this cat.

    Look at the dogs face when the cat hits him 😂😂

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @J4CKMULL

    9. This dog that could be a stunt double for Frank Gallagher

    Why does my brothers dog look like Frank Ghalleger

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @jossiebustos21

    10. This dog who seriously looks amazing on a pair of Vans.

    yes, I got a pair of vans with my dog on them

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @vaughan_sadie

    11. This group of dogs getting up close and personal.


    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Ni_av_h

    12. This dog who is going to ensure these senior photos will be in high demand.

    So my bf took his senior pictures with my dog and...

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @JBixha

    13. This dog that is living its best life.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @bvrritoboner

    14. This dog that has seen its human grow right before its eyes.

    My dog looks so proud of me on my first day of college lol

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @viviana_alexis_

    They grow up so fast.

    15. These perfectly pampered dogs.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @andnowtothemoon

    16. This dog that's ready to show off its excellent swimming skills.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    17. Finally, this unreal scene that seriously belongs on the funny pages.

    I think I just saw a New Yorker cartoon

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @perlberg

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