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17 Dog Tweets That Will Make You Smile Every Time

Doggonit they're adorable!

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1. This group of puppies that are the best surprise ever.

2. This adorable group having a pretty amazing party.

3. And THIS adorable group having a really weird seance.

Satanic ritual to summon the Goodest Boy Ever

4. This dog that has accomplished more in its life than we ever will.

That pic of a Texas dog with a bag of dog food not only has a happy ending but maybe the best quote about a dog eve…


5. This puppy that has hopefully found a home now.

6. This adorable puppy that found peace during a thunderstorm.

there's a thunderstorm but the good news is my headphones fit Bella perfectly

7. This dog that has a lot on its mind.

Why does my dog look like she just remembered something from October 8, 2013 at 2:22pm that doesn’t add up

8. This dog that doesn't seem too trustworthy of this cat.

Look at the dogs face when the cat hits him 😂😂


9. This dog that could be a stunt double for Frank Gallagher

Why does my brothers dog look like Frank Ghalleger

10. This dog who seriously looks amazing on a pair of Vans.

yes, I got a pair of vans with my dog on them

11. This group of dogs getting up close and personal.


12. This dog who is going to ensure these senior photos will be in high demand.

So my bf took his senior pictures with my dog and...


13. This dog that is living its best life.

14. This dog that has seen its human grow right before its eyes.

My dog looks so proud of me on my first day of college lol

They grow up so fast.

15. These perfectly pampered dogs.

16. This dog that's ready to show off its excellent swimming skills.

17. Finally, this unreal scene that seriously belongs on the funny pages.

I think I just saw a New Yorker cartoon