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11 Reasons Black Friday Is An Actual Workout

Burn those Thanksgiving calories off with a Black Friday workout. Stay hydrated all day with Pedialyte.

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6. "Top Shelf" Calf Raises

Don't these store designers know the height of an average human being is well under seven feet tall?! This Black Friday, you'll be sure to be on your tiptoes working those calves as you look at the top shelves or examine those clothes that require assistance to get down.

11. "Where Do I Put This?" Full-body Workout

It looked a lot easier when they loaded it into the car, huh? Finish out your Black Friday workout with a complete body session when you unload your vehicle of all your discounted purchases.

*Remember to lift with the knees. Not just the back!

Whether you had a couple of drinks to celebrate Thanksgiving or your Black Friday workout left you feeling a little dehydrated, be sure to rehydrate with Pedialyte.