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11 Dogs Who Are Thirstier Than You

You think you're thirsty? These dogs know all about it. Next time you need to rehydrate, be sure to look to the lyte – Pedialyte!

1. This dog, who's like, "But I need you, water!"

2. This dog, who's so thirsty she's gettin' all up in that screen:

3. These dogs, who know how they quench their thirst in France:

4. This dog, who knows true satisfaction only comes from complete saturation:

5. This dog, who's like, "Just let me love you!!"

6. This dog, who knows she can drink the water once she finds inner peace:

7. This dog, who's really going for it:

8. This dog, who knows a drink is waiting if he could just get out of this sink:

9. This dog, who's all, "LET ME HAVE IT."

10. This dog, who's like, "Let me just put a paw in..."

11. And this dog, who's finally not thirsty anymore: