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    15 Incredible Meals Ready In 30 Minutes That Are Not Pasta

    For those snowed in days, when you want something quick and easy!

    1. PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef Copycat

    2. Baked Fire Popper Chicken

    3. PF Chang’s Crispy Honey Shrimp Copycat

    4. One Pot Coconut Chicken Curry with Vegetables

    5. Cheesy Tortilla Pizza Torte

    6. P.F. Chang's Orange Peel Chicken (Copycat)

    7. Shrimp & Scallops in Creamy Marinara Sauce

    8. Lime Beef & Basil Stir Fry

    9. Maple Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops

    10. Simple Cajun Salmon

    11. Greek Turkey Meatball Gyro with Tzatziki

    12. Crispy Southwest Wrap

    13. 30 Minute White Bean Turkey Chili

    14. Orange Soy Scallops with Coconut Rice

    15. 30 Minute Tuscan Chicken Skillet