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    15 Delicious Recipes You Should Make For Your Labor Day Party

    This will take you BBQ to the next level.

    1. Greek Tuna Pasta Salad

    2. Beer Battered Crispy Fish Taco

    3. Anti - Pasto Bar Hot Dogs

    4. Grilled Peaches

    5. Lemon Dill Spicy Salmon Burger

    6. Brown Sugar Grilled Pineapple

    7. Grilled Street Corn With IPA Chipotle Cream

    8. Grilled Jerk Chicken Tacos

    9. Grilled Watermelon Kabob Skewers

    10. Crunchy Cucumber & Tomato Salad

    11. Spice Rubbed Cedar Plank Salmon With Strawberry Salsa

    12. Pea Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Tartine

    13. Grilled Carne Asada

    14. Grilled Giant Marconi Stuffed Peppers

    15. Seven Layer Salad