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5 Quick Tips For First Time Commuters In NYC

Always prepare for the unexpected.

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1. There is no such thing as personal space.

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If you have to get on the E train for any reason in the morning, beware that you will run into human traffic. Everyone and their mom is pushing you out of the way to get to a good spot on the train. Once settled, you are doomed to endure an uncomfortable proximity with strangers until your stop. Did I mention there is no such thing as personal space? I cannot stress that enough.

2. Follow the laws of the land.

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When opting for the escalator, the standing lane is on the right, and the passing lane is on the left. I watched someone make the mistake of standing in the passing lane, and they were immediately scolded by angry commuters attempting to pass from behind. When in Rome note to self: Do not stand in the left lane of the escalator!

3. To be on time, or not to be on time. That is the question.

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NYC's Metro has a number of trains moving from tunnel-to-tunnel, and it is only natural that slight delays occur. (Keep in mind I’m using the word, "slight", very loosely). If you are on a mission to get to your destination on time, I suggest you leave an hour and ten minutes ahead of schedule. For example, you have to be at work in 45 minutes and you are commuting from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Chances are you will hear the conductor over the loud speaker advise:

“Ladies and Gentleman, we apologize for the inconvenience as we are trying to get the train moving in front of us." This is a no-go. Especially now that 20 minutes have past by, and there is no cell service to advise your boss of the delay. Play it safe, and leave room for error!

4. Anything can happen..Literally anything.

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It's New York, so you never know when you might to run into some crazy shit. I mean literally, poop in a cup, a homeless person relieving themselves five feet away from you, somebody getting cursed out because of an infiedelity, or a fight breaking out just two seats over. Have no fear, there are some positives! Talented musicians and subway dancers break up the crazy. In the event that none of those are available, mind your business, and make as little eye contact with people as possible!

5. If at first you don't succeed, try again.

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New York City is an exiting place to live. The minute you head out the door the with the crisp air hitting your face, you'll realize all the stress of yesterday is over and slate was wiped clean. The pace may seem overwhelming at first, but have confidence, you will get used to the speed! Embrace the grind and go with the flow. got this!

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