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    7 Bodacious Baked Goods Made With Bacon

    Everyone knows that bacon is one of the tastiest foods on the planet, so it comes as no surprise that some very creative bakers are using it to create some mouthwatering riffs on classic recipes. Here are seven baked goods made even more scrumptious with the addition of the porky stuff, starting with a recipe from us!

    1. Maple Peanut Butter Bacon Biscuits

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    What do you get when you add maple, peanut butter, and bacon in a flaky biscuit? Um, heaven! Get the full recipe here.

    2. Candied Bacon & Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookie

    This twist on America's favorite cookie features chunks of maple-candied bacon and even uses rendered bacon fat in the dough! It’s a one-two punch of porky goodness!

    3. Bacon Pumpkin Pie

    The bacon lattice on this pumpkin pie is the stuff of dreams. Everyone at your table will be squealing with glee! Get the ingredients and directions here.

    4. Bacon Crispy Rice Treats

    We’re not sure this is what Mr. Kellogg had in mind, but it’s delicious all the same! Learn more here.

    5. Bacon Cupcakes

    Sprinkles, chocolate chips, walnuts? Who needs those when you can top a cupcake with bacon! More info here.

    6. Bacon Brownies

    These brownies are so decadent, they have bacon and bourbon in them. Get the info here.

    7. Bacon Blondies

    These blondies do have more fun - because they're made with bacon! Get all the details here.

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