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11 International Dishes That Will Give You FOMO

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1. Koko na Nyama (Cameroon)

Courtesy of the Peace Corps

Translation: koko with meat. You'll find this dish in Cameroon, featuring chopped-up koko leaves stewed with peanut butter and meat. Eat it alongside traditional fufu, a starchy couscous (that looks like a ball of dough!).

4. Injera with meat and vegetables (Ethiopia)


Get a little taste of everything with this traditional Ethiopian dish. An array of meat and vegetable dishes served atop injera, a sourdough flatbread in the shape of a large crepe (with a sort of spongy texture), which also serves as your spoon. Grab a piece of injera and dig in!

11. Pastilla (Morocco)

If you're in Morocco, you simply have to taste this incredibly unique Moroccan pastry. Both sweet and salty, its flaky pastry dough is filled with chicken, cinnamon, pistachios (or almonds), and a myriad of other fascinating ingredients.

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