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11 Signs You're Putting Off What's Good For You

Many Canadians stay with their same bank, even if they're paying high fees, because the thought of changing banks seems like a pain. PC Financial® is simplifying the banking game with convenient locations and no-fee daily banking. Stop putting off what's good for you!

1. You look in the mirror and see a flaming fashion Dumpster.

2. Or your clothes don't fit like they used to.

3. You find yourself wondering how much mold a piece of food can have and still be edible.

4. You haven't heard from your family in weeks.

5. You keep replaying the same argument in your head.

6. You've been saying "it's allergies" for days.

7. Your selfies are looking more hardcore than normal.

8. You're on dating apps all the time.

9. The instruction manual for enrolling in your work's retirement savings account is collecting dust under your desk.

10. You find a family of birds in your beard.

11. You have no idea what fees you're currently paying at your bank.

PC Financial is making banking easier than ever. Switch to no-fee daily banking, and you could save up to $200 a year. Find out how.