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11 Everyday Situations We All Overcomplicate For No Reason

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1. Making weekend plans.


Trying to get all your friends' plans to sync up over a weekend can feel like herding cats and make you want to stay home. Follow the advice given to those lost in the woods: Pick a location and stay there. Your friends will come to you.

2. Or trying to come up with fake plans to get out of following through with your real plans.


It can seem more convenient to come up with an elaborate excuse for not being able to hang out, but be careful because this can backfire and lead to making more fake plans to cover for your first fake plans that were used to get out of the real plans. Help.

3. Achieving perfect physical fitness.


TV and the internet make it seem like there's a ton you have to do when it comes to fitness. The reality is, a balanced diet and regular physical activity (in whatever form you prefer) could be all you need.

4. Letting someone know you're into them.

The fear of rejection can be crippling, but you won't know if someone likes you unless you make a little leap of faith. And being rejected usually isn't that bad.

5. Making a good impression on a date.


The perfect outfit? A killer date spot? Flowers? Don't sweat it. Being yourself is far more important than all the superficial dating details that people usually worry about.

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