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PBS Editors' Picks: The 17 Top Digital Shorts Of 2013

Join us in re-watching our favorite digital shorts made by PBS' various web producers for viewers like you! Which one was your favorite? Tweet us (@PBS and @PBSDS) to let us know using #BestPBSDS2013! By Danielle Steinberg and Natalie Benson

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Mister Rogers Remixed (B-Side): PBS Digital Shorts

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After making you cry (good tears) with last year's Mister Rogers Remix, this year we gave you part two in collaboration with Melody Sheep.

Make sure you check out the original, as well as our remixes of other icons like Bob Ross, Julia Child and LeVar Burton at PBS Digital Studios.

Are You a Hipster?: Idea Channel

View this video on YouTube

Spoiler Alert: You probably are.

Hear More Ideas: PBS Idea Channel

Kurt Cobain on Identity: Blank on Blank

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Achieve Nirvana by watching this never-before-seen (animated) or heard interview with Kurt Cobain.

Find more lost and animated interviews of celebrities (musicians, authors, actors, etc) here: PBS Blank on Blank

The Odds of Finding Life and Love: It's Okay to be Smart

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A cosmic love story, starring a guy named Carl.

Get smarter, here: It's Okay to be Smart

Magnetic Putty Magic: Shanks FX

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Common misconception: you need a ton of money to create amazing special effects.

Exhibit A: the mesmerizing video above!

Feel the FX: PBS Shanks FX

Will 3D Printing Change the World? PBS Off Book

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Well... WILL IT? Has it already?

Challenge what you know about art and culture, here: PBS Off Book

Thru Tokyo: PBS Digital Shorts

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Thanks to Kutiman, you can experience the sights and sounds of Tokyo without leaving your couch.

More digital shorts, here: PBS Digital Studios

Jim Gaffigan Talks About his Kids: Modern Comedian

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Who says PBS can't be funny? Not this guy.

See more short comedy docs, here: PBS Modern Comedian

Inventor of Video Games, Ralph Baer: INVENTORS

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This brilliant dude invented video games. You're welcome, on his behalf. And to your mom and significant other, we're sorry.

Get Inspired to invent, here: PBS INVENTORS

Heartbeats of Fiji: Beat Making Lab

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Art + Activism = Artivism. Two guys try to change the world, one laptop at a time.

More beats, here: PBS Beat Making Lab

How to Make Ice Cream: Full-Time Kid

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Being a kid is absolutely a full-time gig. You deserve the ice cream you're about to learn how to make.

Become a full-time kid, here: PBS Full-Time Kid

Cookie Monster Spoofs Movies: National Film Society

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The Karate Kid = The Biscotti Kid? That's YouTube gold.

Join the society: National Film Society

The Aurora Hunter: Indie Alaska

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Get ready to "Ooh" and "Aah" as you follow Alaska's most notorious Aurora hunter.

Head up north with: PBS Indie Alaska

Dark Matter Song: Coma Niddy University

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If you like science and music, you better subscribe for some free Scitunes.

Visit the university: Coma Niddy

Do Videogame Stereotypes Hurt Men?: PBS Game/Show

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Do games promote unrealistic male stereotypes? (Yes, there is also a video on feminism in video games.)

Game on, here: PBS Game/Show

Jesus Christ Lizard: Songs for Unusual Creatures

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Do you ever wish someone would compose theme songs for Earth's craziest creatures? Wish no more.

Get weird, here: PBS Songs for Unusual Creatures

Coming to a Computer Near You!: The Art Assignment

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Lastly, we leave you with this teaser for our upcoming art show premiering in 2014 with John Green and his wife, Sarah. It's so awesome, that it's not ready yet...i. (Only John Green fans will get that.)

Get pumped, here: The Art Assignment

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