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How Frankenstein Has Come Alive Again, And Again...And Again! Mwahaha.

HE'S ALIVE! Mary Shelley's Frankstein was first published almost 200 years ago, but is still *alive* and well in our hearts... and on our leggings. Here are some ways we've honored Frankenstein over the years in pop culture.

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Victoria Frankenstein, [almost] MD, is a sharp and ambitious student in Frankenstein, MD, a creative, vlog-style modern day adaptation of Mary Shelley's story, written and produced by the Emmy-winning team at Pemberley Digital (who brought you Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries). Check the PBS Digital Studios YouTube channel every Tuesday and Friday for new episodes starring Anna Lore as Victoria Frankenstein, and Steve Zaragoza as Iggy.


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Bobby "Boris" Pickett / Via

Recognize this song from your 3rd grade Halloween recital? We thought you might! Originally performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, it begs the existential question, "why bring lab projects to life if NOT to watch them dance?"


"Aww" vs. "Ahh!" -- Frankenstein is one of the most notorious Halloween costumes of all time. While kids look especially cute all costumed up, we do not recommend screaming "IT'S ALIVE" in the birthing room -- even if they are born on Halloween.