33 Crazy Stocking Stuffers

Too full? Can’t move? We get it, so we did your holiday shopping for you! You’re stuck on the couch (because you celebrated last night or you’re already mid-food coma and avoiding the in-laws), right? Pass the time and shop online from this mega-awesome list we put together —assuming you can lift your arm or move your wrist long enough to browse through them all.

1. Bob Ross Finger Puppet

Why paint your fingernails when you could have a painter ON your fingernails?

2. Oreo Dunking Spoon

Too soon to talk about food, again? NEVER.

3. Camouflage Bandaids

Now when you’re camping, the animals won’t see your boo boos.

4. Batman Apron

For the Souperhero in you! (Other Souperhero options available)

5. Infectious Disease Balls

You’re squeezing a stress ball that reminds you, “things could be worse.”

6. Glow-in-the-dark Toilet Paper

Gives a whole new meaning to “flash light.”

7. Grocery Bag Holder

Because two trips are for babies.

8. Higgs Boson Watch

The Higgs Boson is free of charge. This watch, unfortunately, isn’t.

9. Lightsaber Toothbrush

A REAL Star Wars fan would brush their teeth with the hand that wasn’t cut off by Vader.

10. Ninja-Bread Cookie Cutters

Your cookies will come out HI-YA in protein.

11. Offensive Business Cards

Oh, it says my employer right here: Nunya. NUNYA BUSINESS.

12. Color Changing Shower Head

As if you didn’t know your shower was Red Hot or Frozen Blue before.

13. Pen Cap Utensils

Mixing business with pleasure never tasted so good.

14. PBS Tee-Shirts

Because every family has a #PBSnerd!

15. Personalized Superheros

Because you can’t spell Captain America without “me.”

16. Fork Pizza Slicer

Will single-handedly put the knife companies out of business.

17. Scrabble Magnets

Will come in handy for all future grocery lists.

18. Grippy Car Dashboard

The only time we can say “we need more sticky situations.”

19. Wrist-Watch Post-It Notes

What time is i…. OOPS. (better late than never, right?)

20. Caped Socks

These little piggies saved the day!

21. Credit Card Tool Kit

Itty bitty teeny weeny credit card-sized screwdriver-ini.

22. Manliest Mustaches

We mustache you to give these to friends.

23. USB Wall Outlet

Regular outlets are SO 2000s.

24. PBS Ornaments

Don’t forget to leave tea and biscuits for Santa.

25. Magic Wand Remote Control

Wingardium channel-change-o!

26. Faucet Water Fountain

Warning: small children may line up behind you and ask for a “boost.”

27. Tangle-Free Zip-Up Headphones

Because this: http://bit.ly/HZvCkj

28. USB Rechargeable Batteries

You can’t recharge energizer bunnies, can you?

29. Dr. Who Pony

DOCTOR WHOOVES. Need we say more?

30. Instant Underpants

In case of emergency, you can carry these in your BRIEFcase.

31. 8-Bit Sunglasses

Too cool for old school.

32. Beer Soap

Perfect for the frat boy in all of us.

33. iPhone Speaker Amplifier

These are a blast. GET IT? Just like this list!

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