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16 Realistic Reasons You Rant

Kanye West, Mel Gibson, The lady from the Orbit commercials... we all rant, but why? Here are a few reasons why. READ IT OR ELSE BECAUSE WE WORKED HARD ON THIS AND IT WOULD BE RUDE NOT TO. List by Danielle "Ranty Pants" Steinberg and Natalie "Ranter-in-Cheif" Benson

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5. You Lost At Something. (Doesn't Matter What)


But it was totally unfair because they cheated and you're not responsible for your actions if they don't admit that you should have won! (<-- must say in one breath.)

9. You (Or Someone Else) Broke Something Important/Expensive.


THAT WAS IRREPLACEABLE. (To sooth this anger, start singing "irreplaceable" by Beyonce. It won't make you feel better, but you can't yell when you're singing.)

13. You Don't Like The Way You Look


Your mom once told you that there were more fish in the sea. BUT SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A WHALE AND WHO COULD LOVE A WHALE? Much like this gif, you're probably overreacting.

Think you've got something rant-worthy to taunt us with? Let us know in the comments of this episode of PBS Bongo Bongo: AND HAVE A NICE DAY. OR DON'T, WHATEVER.