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9 Signs You Go To A Big University

Because bigger means better, right?

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1. You see new faces every day on your way to class.

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You take the same route every week, but you always pass by at least 80 new people. Who are they? When did they get here anyway?

2. You never know what's actually going on because there's always something going on.

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A giant waterslide and zipline in the middle of campus on a Tuesday? Sure, why not. [Insert celebrity here] was seen at the student center? That makes perfect sense. Endless amounts of parties each weekend? Sign me up.

3. Your lecture of 30 becomes a lecture of 300 during final exams.

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Even the professor was surprised when midterms rolled around and suddenly the class was overpopulated. To make matter worse, someone took your unassigned, assigned seat. Not cool.

4. You complete your daily exercise by walking 3 miles to and from your classes.

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Who needs a treadmill when you spend 15 minutes walking to your first class? Bonus points if you've ever considered calling an Uber.

5. You're 90% sure half of the people on campus aren't even students.

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You know those people you see around campus but never inside of any school building? They probably don't have a student ID. They're probably not students.

6. Your alumni network is #strong.

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From NFL players to CEOs, there's no shortage of excellence coming from your school. Regardless of what city you visit, you're bound to find someone who went there.

9. You wouldn't have it any other way.

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The stadiums are never empty, the campus is always buzzing, and there's always something to do. I guess it's true what they say: bigger IS better.

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