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5 Easy and Delightful Ways to Use Lentils

With about 14 types of lentils, we love the small Pardina brown lentils. They have a rich nutty flavor and wonderful blue and purple undertones to their brown skin. These lentils are also one of the few types of lentils that retain its shape while cooking, making it great for a variety of uses. Brown lentils are not only delicious but they also come packed with protein one serving can have 13 grams of protein as well 14 grams of dietary fiber. We love finding new ways to use lentils in the kitchen and hope you will love this guide!

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1. Lentils Tacos / Via

Since brown lentil retain their shape while cooking they are the perfect meat substitute great for tacos, enchiladas, pasta sauces and "meatloaf". Sing brown lentil retain their shape when cooked they can be substituted for ground meat in almost any recipe.

2. Lentil Chili / Via

Lentils are fantastic in chili and our lentils even make up the World's Largest Bowl of Chili every year at the National Lentil Festival. While lentils are great in chili they are also great in a wide variety of soups like this Lentil and Sausage Soup.

3. Lettuce Wraps / Via

With lentils mild nutty flavor they lend themselves well to a variety of flavor profiles. Including the amazing Asian Lentil Lettuce Wraps. From Mexican to Asian lentils can find a home in any cuisine.

4. Lentil Desserts / Via

Desserts, looking for a way to make your sweet treats more nutritious? Try adding lentils Boggled by the idea of legumes for dessert? A simple and great recipe are the warm chocolate lava cake with lentil puree. You can also find great lentil cookie recipes as well as lentil carrot cake.

5. Lentil Salads

Noshing with the Nolands / Via

Salads are a great and easy way to utilize lentils. Since you don't have to soak lentils before cooking them you can make them quickly and easily. You can also store cooked lentils in your fridge for up to a week. So you can make lentils once and have lentil salads all week long. If the Mediterranean Lentil Salad isn't your favorite idea check try this tropical lentil salad.

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