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The 9 Emotional Stages You Experience When You Hear Your New Jam

Music triggers emotions in all of us but there’s no better feeling like when a new song catches you by surprise and instantly becomes a favorite.

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Stage 1: Boredom

The same songs are playing over and over and over again.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Finally, you’ve admitted you’re over your current playlist.

Bravo / Via

Stage 2: Curiosity

You randomly stumble upon a new song...

..but you're slightly hesitant to press play.

Stage 3: Apprehension

Your pokerface is in full effect.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You decide to give it a try… Besides what's there to lose?

Stage 4: Surprise

You hear the hook...

...then the beat drops...

Stage 5: Denial

You attempt to remain composed while you continue to listen.

Suddenly you start giving in.

NBC / Via

Stage 6: Defenseless

You start dancing to the catchy chorus

NBC / Via

...and try to mouth the words.

CBS / Via

Stage 7: Acceptance

BAM! The punchline drops...

THC / Via you’re like:

California Dreams Tour / Via

Stage 8: Dazed

Once the song ends...

CW / Via start thinking of how you can share this magic with the rest of the world...

Harpo Studios / Via

Stage 9: Addicted

Obviously you hit replay...

..and keep jammin'

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