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30 Things You Didn’t Know About "Labyrinth"

The movie that caused many a sexual awakening

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3. It is NOT being rebooted.

Nicole Perlman Twitter / Via Twitter: @Uncannygirl

Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman took to Twitter to clear that ish up. If they proceed with the continuation of the fantasy tale, it will be more of a sequel.

4. The script was worked on by Jim Henson, Monty Python’s Terry Jones, and comedy legend Elaine May.

(pictured: Terry Jones) Jim Henson's Red Book / Via

It went through over 25 revisions between 1983 and 1985.

6. Jane Krakowski, Ally Sheedy, and Maddie Corman were also top choices.

NBC / Via

They fought it out against Yasmine Bleeth, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Stewart Masterson, Laura Dern, Kerri Green, Lili Taylor, Laura San Giacomo, and Mia Sara before the role eventually went to Jennifer Connelly.

7. Though Henson knew he wanted a major artist & entertainer, he landed on David Bowie for the role of Jareth because his son John was a huge fan.

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

Henson believed Bowie’s "other-worldliness and energy" would be a good match for the fantastic setting.

9. Henson called Hoggle “the most complicated puppet creature we’ve ever built.”

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

Hoggle’s face had eighteen motors to control the different portions of his face, which were operated by four different puppeteers. Actor Shari Weiser was also inside the costume, performing the body movements.

10. It was a real family affair for Henson.

Jim Henson Company / Via

All of Henson’s children visited the set during filming, with son Brian operating Hoggle and daughter Cheryl working on the film as Firey 4.

11. Bowie was intrigued from the beginning, but Henson sealed the deal by giving him a copy of 1982’s The Dark Crystal.

Jim Henson Company / Via

Bowie mused: ”I could see the potential of adding humans to his world of creatures.”

12. Bowie had a "free hand" in writing the music for the movie.

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

He said: “I’d always wanted to be involved in the music writing aspect of a movie that would appeal to everyone.”

16. It took four puppeteers to maneuver each of the five Fireys.

The Labyrinth Resource / Via

The complicated sequence took two weeks to shoot, with an additional two weeks of special shots to make up for the puppets limitations in the pre-digital age.

19. Some of the hands would pass Connelly notes during breaks, or try communicating using sign language.

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

Henson called it “one of the most bizarre and unusual sequences” he’d ever used in a movie.

21. In fact, Jim frequently threw parties for his cast and crew.

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

He celebrated the start of the film shoot with a party at his Hempstead, London home in April 1985, returning there to celebrate the final day of shooting in September. He also threw a massive wrap party with over 1,000 people at Elstree Studios outside London.

23. Though he believed “the possibilities were infinite,” not all of Henson's fantastical ideas made it into the final cut.

Jim Henson Company/LucasFilm / Via

One of the scrapped ideas was a scene that would have taken place in a giant pinball machine, though it would have been quite the challenge for the effects team.

24. Artist Brian Froud created an expansive world of goblins for Labyrinth, even releasing a 160-page art book The Goblins of Labyrinth in 1986.

World of Froud / Via

He later continued to work with Labyrinth screenwriter Terry Jones, creating several books, including the popular Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book.

25. Froud’s son Toby starred in the film as Sarah’s annoying baby brother.

Jim Henson Compaby/LucasFilm / Via

He shares Toby with wife Wendy Midener, a puppet designer he had met while working on The Dark Crystal.

More interesting facts can be found at Jim Henson's Red Book.

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