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    How To Tell That Your Boss Is Actually The Grinch

    PayScale's Top Jobs That Hate Their Boss survey shows that some occupations are more likely to hate their boss than others, but workers in every job agree: working for a Grinch-y boss will ruin more than just your holiday season. Here's how to tell you're working for the Green One.

    He looks innocent ... until there's no one important around to judge him.

    Real communication is not a priority. In fact, you suspect he hears only what he wants to hear.

    He promises, but doesn't deliver.

    After the holiday party, he looks like this:

    All of this is giving you a lot of stress.


    PayScale's survey found that workers who hate their boss are also likely to have high stress jobs.

    And, unsurprisingly, low job satisfaction.

    Don't wait for his heart to grow three sizes.

    Get a new job, before you look like this:


    PayScale can help you find out what people with your job title, skills, and years of experience make in your industry and metro area. Come prepared for your next job interview, and you won't find yourself pulling the sled.

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