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10 Scarily Accurate Texts Your Money Would Send You

If your money could would not be happy.

1. When you fronted for the big weekend and now you're SOL:

2. When it's that person's birthday who has a million friends, and you KNOW that, but you still go to the dinner:

3. And then when things really get tough:

4. When the choice isn't honestly that clear:

5. When you've been "meaning" to get to the bank for, um, two weeks:

6. When cash is so over:

7. When you're supposed to be careful with a small piece of paper that signifies a huge amount of money, and it's like, seriously??

8. When you gettin' too needy:

9. When the ATM fees add up like whoa:

10. When it's 3 a.m., and you decide to think about all the student loans you'll prob never pay off:

All images via BuzzFeed; Thumbnail images via Thinkstock

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