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11 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe #MoneyStruggles

The struggle is so, so real.

1. When you're not ready for the truth:

Pulling up my checking account a week from payday like

2. When some things never change:

I remember being a little kid and thinking $30 was a ton of money... And now I still think that. 🔝🏅

3. When it all starts adding up:

My will is gonna read: "She spent her fortune on ATM fees and has left behind only regret."

4. When you're honestly not sure:

I was cleaning the other day and found a check my parents gave me for christmas in 2012. Are checks still real?

5. When you figure you might as well ask:

If anyone has some spare money, I would like some please.

6. When you gotta squint:

When you have to pay your credit card bill, but you're scared to look at the balance

7. When you're a little bit low on options:

googling "cheap easy dinner for one with only one ingredient" and "meals u can make with oatmeal and soy sauce" help whats happened

8. When the outlook's not great:

can someone please explain why "your financial future" is always a 40 foot sailboat at sunset and an old white couple dancing in the sand?

9. When you can't afford lip balm:

Lip balm hack: ask for extra butter on your bagel. Those babies will be glistening.

10. When you'd do anything not to have the conversation:

wish me luck i have to call someone and tell them they owe me money

11. And when months keep passing with no regard for your income:

Stay strong everyone, on this day, rent day.

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