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11 Signs Your Delivery Driver Is Actually Santa

More parcels will be delivered around Australia this Christmas than any other year. If (spoiler alert) the guy in the red suit isn’t real, who really delivers those boxes of happiness? Your delivery driver of course! Join PayPal in saying thanks to this humble hero.

1. They're both overworked at Christmas time...

2. ...navigating dangerous roads (and skies) to get to you.

3. They both get mauled by your rogue pets…

4. …and your overexcited kids.

5. They'll both happily accept your milk and cookies.

6. They're both well-oiled machines.

7. You probably shouldn't be a jerk to either of them unless you want your packages to mysteriously disappear.

8. They'll both get your gifts to you in rain, hail, blizzard, tropical cyclone, or shine...

9. ...and by any means necessary.

10. Because there's no day more exciting than the day gifts arrive!

11. Christmas wouldn't be the same without them!

Because it's so secure and easy to buy online, PayPal feels partly to blame for the rise in packages being delivered this Christmas, so we urge you to join us in paying it forward and saying thanks to your delivery driver!