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13 Everyday Things We Totally Take For Granted

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1. On Demand TV


Gone are the times of waiting patiently in front of the TV Guide Channel for your favorite shows to come up.

2. Online Reviews

20th Century Fox Television, In Living Color / Via

Now you can obsessively research any product before having to try a million things before finding the right fit.

3. Your GPS


There was nothing worse than forgetting to print out directions before a big road trip and having to actually use an atlas. Oof. Now you'd probably get lost going down the street without your GPS!

4. Search Engines


What's the capital of Montana? What was the name of that guy from that TV show on that channel that doesn't exist anymore? Easy peasy. Search engines: making it easier to cheat at trivia night since the '90s.

5. Digital Translators


So you can ask the really important questions when you're abroad.

6. Online Shopping

Cyndi Norrie / Via

Two words: no lines.

7. Music Streaming

Seinfeld, NBC / Via

Without having to spend $15 on a CD or tape, it's a lot easier to discover new music and get into new things.

8. Emojis

E! Entertainment, Keeping Up With The Kardashians / Via

LOL @ words.

9. Alerts for Pretty Much Everything

CNN / Via

You have apps to tell you when to wake up, when to eat, what the weather is like, and they will even notify you when your old ex updated their social media profile to "in a relationship" (not that you care or anything)!

10. Matchmaking Dating Apps

Garfunkel and Oates, IFC / Via

Remember having to actually go up to strangers in public and talk?

11. Camera Phones


Without camera phones, we'd never have things like "Double Rainbow" or "David After Dentist." What kind of life is that?



How was this not always a thing?!

13. Sending Friends Money Digitally

Because, honestly, who can be bothered to carry cash anymore?

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