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There Are More Ways To Commute In Bangkok

Every time you google how to commute in Bangkok or you have seen a guide book or vlog from Bangkok it's always BTS and MRT - as the best way to commute here. But for local, this is not the best way to go to work or meet your friend when you are in rush hour or your house is not around the train station. There are more way to commute in Bangkok and some of them you will be surprised

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Motor Taxi is the fastest way to get through the traffic grid lock in Bangkok.

Cost: from ฿10 to ฿200 depend on distance.

How: find the orange jacket riders on the street and tell them the destination.

Rod Song Taew / Via

Song Taew mean 2 rows, this is a 2 rows seat on the back of truck or pickup truck. Normally found in area that no local bus reached. Fixed route and flexible stop.

Cost: From ฿5 to ฿10.

How: Hop on the Song Taew and sit face to face to your opposite row. If the seat are full, stand and hold the bar at the ceiling. Want to get off? press the ring button and get off when it stopped - pay your cash at driver.

Rod Kar Por


Rod Kar Por is playing the same role as Rod Song Taew but they can go far in some small alley especially around Soi Sukhumvit 39.

Cost: From ฿10 or with negotiation with driver.

How: They may be a fix route or drive to where you want to just ask the driver.

Express River Boat

Mthai / Via

A packed with passenger boat in Chopraya River is a common scene in the morning rush hour. THis express boat services alon the river of Chopraya, cut thorught the heart of this busy city. Not only to save your time from the traffic on the road, but you can also enjoy the view along the river included the Temple of Down and the Grand Palace.

Cost: From ฿15

How: Go to the pier and buy ticket, or pay to the staff on the boat

Canal Taxi Boat

This is the same as Express River Boat but smaller, it just service in some canal inside Bangkok mainly in Sansaeb Canal. The Sansaeb canal or in Thai mean "Very Pain" is a small canal but spread it distance along major business area till it ends in the old town near Golden Mount Temple. The only problem of this ride is the smell of the canal, it's actually obtaining wasted water from the city.

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