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Thai TV Commercial Mocks Legendary Fashion Icons; Wintour & Lagerfeld

What was going on at the front row?

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Looksi is a shopping application launched recently in Thailand. The launch campaign includes new TVC featured world's legendary fashion icons; Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.

The story was about a model on runway with red dress. She walked on the show and when she saw an audience who already ordered this dress from LOOKSI app, she threw the package right to her. Use this app to get the latest trend in fashion.

Look how serious of the front row...

Now she thew it!

At the shot of a fashion model threw the package to her. Look! there were Anna Wintour and Karl Lagarfeld!!! Sat in the front row and were surprised by the package threw to a girl next to them. Realized after, the girl got a dress so fast because she order it via LOOKSI app.

Even world's fashion legendary still can't wait to download the app.

Watch full TVC here

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