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Thai Police Found The Best Way To End Robbery Case

A police from Nonthaburi town has ended robbery case with his brilliant idea

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Few months ago there are many reports on robbery in Nonthaburi area, the city close to Bangkok - Thailand's capital.

Amarin TV / Via

CCTV captured a motocycle followed a woman on the street, she has been robbed and threatened with knife. There are many reports with same case in this area.

Finally the robbers are arrested.

Amarin TV / Via

Robbers ride motorcycle followed victims mostly are women who walk home alone during night time. On Dec 14th 2017 Amarin TV news program reported the end of this case, the robbers are arrested.

But the way they did is not normal.

Amarin TV

Police Senior Sergeant Major - Vivak Kamolwiboon, a senior police officer of Rathanathibet Police Station who was in charged for this case investigated the caes by look all the CCTV VDO reports and he found tht the robber will only attacked women. The he decided to dress like a woman and been around the area for few nights to arrest the robber by himself. Finally the robbers attacked him one night after almost 10 days of this mission.

"I was so worried when I did it, worried that some people around will know that I'm a police and am a man" said Police Senior Sergeant Major - Vivak Kamolwiboon

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