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Does The Drag Race Is Going To Have A Thai Edition?

Thai TV Producer Revealed His Instagram Post About Rupaul'S Drag Race

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In late October 2017, Piyarat Kaljaruek AKA Tae Kantana, the 2nd generation of Kantana Group who is one of the biggest Thai TV Program Production Company,has upload a post on his Instagram with a Rupaul's as a backdrop. Create a vibe about he is bringing the show to Thailand.

His caption was hashtag with #RuPualsDragRace & @rupaulofficial and told his fans to wait for the good news is coming.

The post gone viral among Thai Rupaul's Fan. Actually the show has been broadcast via digital channel called LINE TV for a while and gained big attention from the drag fan. with more than 700K views of each EP

But with Kaljaruek's and Kantana Group, the show forecast to has it own Thai Edition not only broadcast rights. The successful of his previous works were 3 seasons of THE FACE THAILAND and plus 1 Seasons of THE FACE MEN THAILAND - the first ever THE FACE MEN edition.

The Face is a modeling-themed reality television series that follows three supermodel coaches as they compete with each other to find 'the face' of major brand. Hosted by Nigel Barker, and Naomi Campbell was featured as a mentor.

With THE FACE, Kaljaruek's pushed it to the top with high TV ratings and millions of viewers in Youtube. That's made Thai Edition become the most successful THE FACE among US UK and AUS edition. While US UK and AUS Franchise no longer airing, Thai edition is planning to its 4 season.

Will Kaljaruek make Rupaul's Drag Race to Thai Edition? Will Rupaul's comes to Thailand for hosting this program ? or will Kaljaruek is going to be the first ever Thai Rupaul's ? This is the thing that we have to wait and see.
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