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Beijing Has Taken Bike Rental To The Next Level

Rent a bike in Beijing never been easier. Mobike - the mobile app that make your bike rental become mobi-based.

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shared bike become trend in many big city. You also need to pay for it but it yet convenience and save a lot of time on the road. Recently a Chinese Interner company "Tencent" has introduced Beijing a new way to reant a bike. It's called "Mobike"

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Instead of pay it with cash or credit card, this mobile app allows you to search for the bike, use the app scan the AR code on the bike to unlock it from the parking and ride to your destination. Within the app, GPS will follow your route and deduct your credit or balance automatically. / Via

You can drop off anywhere and allow other user share the bike. Approximatly 2,000 Mobikes in Beijing (Dec 2016).

Mobike user need to register with their real names and ID card numbers, and pay a 299-yuan deposit. The rental fee is 1 yuan for every 30-minute ride.

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