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    Sloths Are So Hot Right Now

    If you are talking about any other animal at the moment you are talking about the wrong animal. Here is why you need to get with the sloth program while there is still time.

    It is often said amongst serious Internet professionals and market-trend analysts that "today's corgi is tomorrow's slow loris."

    And here is a graph from Google about how sloths are seriously so hot right now (now is the time to jump on the sloth bandwagon because they are already beginning to trend down. Now now now.)

    Sloths are folivores, which means that they eat mostly leaves or a light salad.

    All of the sloths from this sloth orphanage are amazing.

    Sloths only sleep a little bit more on average than a human child and they probably accomplish more in their lives than most human children so stop being so down on them about being lazy. We can't all be overachieving giraffes, can we?

    Additionally, here are two sloths who are presumably siblings or just really good friends.

    Stay tuned for more updates and breaking news about what animals you should be talking about if you want to be talking about the right animals, which as I have mentioned, right now that is sloths. Sloths sloths sloths.

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