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15 South Desi Artists And Illustrators You Should Know About .

A selection of #desihip visual art and illustration of South Asian origin from around the world. Curated by MASALA CHAI.

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Karan Singh

Karan Singh : an Australian illustrator, of Indian origin, living in New York. Sounds confusing, swear it's not. He has a love of happy accidents, and an addiction to self initiated projects.

Sameer Kulavoor

Sameer Kulavoor's area of work lies at the intersection of graphic

design, contemporary illustration and art. He has been

creating a personal body of work, and self-publishing art

books and zines that take a look at characteristic mannerisms

& archetypal facets of urban surroundings, design and culture.

He is based out of Mumbai

Jessica Singh

Jessica Singh is a freelance illustrator currently based in Melbourne.

Born in Perth but bored of the sleepy life Jessica hopped a plane for London! Spending two formative years in the UK, in 2009 she graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design with a BA (Upper 2nd Class Honours) of Graphic Design: Illustration Major.

Rishidev R.K

Delhi based Rishidev rk, is a man of many hats. Illustrator. Artist. Art Director. A Fine arts student from Kannur, Kerala, he is Inspired by geometry in traditional art forms, his signature style includes a lot of colours and patterns.

Rajni Perera

is a Sri-Lankan artist based out of Toronto,exploring issues of hybridity, sacrilege, irreverence, indexical sciences and ethnography, sexuality, popular culture, deities and monsters. Intensely labored and immaculately conceived. Spiritual and whimsical, a pooja and a porno at the same time.

Meera sethi

Meera Sethi is an Indian-born, Toronto-raised artist whose multi-disciplinary practice explores the intersection of material culture and migration, and the construction of self. Her art references Indian dress iconography, contemporary fashion and popular culture.

Ambreen Butt

Ambreen Butt is a Boston based Pakistani American artist.

Butt's paintings are rooted in her bi-cultural identity and retain the intricate, decorative patterning that characterizes Persian and Indian miniature painting.

Fawad Khan

Pakistani-American artist,Fawad Khan’s exploding vehicles are painstakingly rendered central figures in his work. Imagined as war machines, they invoke the stories of their creation and lifespan, asking viewers to consider what has transpired in creating this scene of destruction

Anvita Jain

Anvita Jain is originally from Delhi. She is based out of Prague currently.Her colourful chaos interlaced with stark , graphic piranhas, parrots with penile tails and phallic fish is all very interesting.

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