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    I Watched 11 Of The Grossest Horror Movies Ever Made So You Don't Have To

    Say goodbye to your appetite.

    WARNING: if gore, blood, scary scenarios, human depravity, and just gross stuff in general makes you squeamish, you should probably just go ahead and head out.

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    Don't say we didn't warn you!

    1. The Human Centipede (2009)

    a girl with her mouth sewn to another person's anus, her eyes filled with fear
    IFC Films/Everett Collection

    The Human Centipede is a fantastic place to start as far as disgusting horror goes. Not only does it contain fecal-matter eating and torture-porn body horror, but it’s also an all-around squeamish flick for those with strong stomachs.

    Gross rating: 7/10

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    2. Martyrs (2008)

    a woman covered in blood running from her captors
    Weinstein Company/Everett Collection

    Martyrs is a film released during the New French Extreme movement which right off the bat guarentees that you’re in for a wild ride. Martyrs uses a combination of disgusting body horror and existential dread to create an environment devoid of solace.

    Gross rating: 7/10

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    3. Audition (1999)

    a woman holding an extra long needle
    Vitagraph Films LLC/Everett Collection

    Takashi Miike’s Audition is a film known best for its final scenes. Starting off as a romance film, things begin to take a turn for the worst for the two main characters. Although tamer than Martyrs, this film will have you running for the hills at the thought of looking for a new boo this year.

    Gross rating: 5/10

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    4. Antichrist (2009)

    a woman lying in a grassy field
    IFC Films/Everett Collection

    Lars Von Trier is one of my personal favorite horror directors. As far as films go, his are some of the most depraved I’ve seen. Antichrist, however, takes the crown. The film includes genital mutilation, dead animals, and other icky surprises.

    5. Gross rating: 9/10

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    6. The Green Inferno (2015)

    a man with ants eating at his face as he screams in pain
    Open Road Films

    I know that The Green Inferno is a “diet Cannibal Holocaust,” but it's a tasteful alternative since we don't support how CH was made. This film is the first I ever sat through that I thought I might feel too sick to watch. The cannibal scenes are incredibly realistic, and it shook me how easily the friends were willing to turn on each other.

    Gross rating: 9/10

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    7. Man Bites Dog (1992)

    the killer crouching beside a projector saying that doomsday is near
    Les Artistes Anonymes

    Man Bites Dog is a dark "comedy" in which a man commits murders whilst being filmed by a documentary crew. While some scenes are pretty funny, a large amount are disturbing and disgusting due to the unhinged nature of the killer in the film.

    Trigger Warning: graphic depictions of sexual assault

    Gross rating: 7/10

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    8. The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

    a girl dragging a man into a barn
    Borderline Presents/Tandem Pictures

    The Eyes of My Mother is a beautifully shot American-Portugese film that looks into the life of a woman who makes up for her lack of friends with an abundance of morbid curiosities. This film is one of the few that managed to disturb me while also making my heart hurt. There is no lack in body horror here.

    Gross rating: 5/10

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    9. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) & Goodnight Mommy (2014)

    Tartan Films / Tartan Films / courtesy Everett Collection, ADiUS-TWC/Courtesy Everett Collection

    I've included these two films together as they're nearly identical in storyline. Which one you choose is up to you (or why not both if you're feeling adventurous?). A Tale of Two Sisters follows two Korean sisters that worry that their mother was murdered by their husband’s new wife. Goodnight Mommy specializes in the eeriness of being isolated in a German country home while worrying that your mother may not quite be your mother. Goodnight Mommy is definitely higher on the gross scale, but make no mistake – Korean horror films can be pretty shocking.

    Gross rating: 5/10

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    Gross rating: 6/10

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    10. Oldboy (2003)

    a man with his face splattered with blood flecks
    Tartan Releasing/Everett Collection

    Oldboy is the magic movie on this list that manages to really up the ante in its final act on top of all the body horror it provides. The story is disgusting, the murders are disgusting, and trust me – you will feel wrong by the end of this film if disgusting horror is not your forte. On the off chance it is, enjoy the ride.

    Gross rating: 7/10

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    11. And lastly, The House That Jack Built (2018)

    Matt Damon with blood on his face, smiling
    IFC Films/Everett Collection

    Aside from Midsommar (2019), The House That Jack Built is my favorite horror movie. For many, it can be very slow, but for those that enjoy a long narrative, a splash of comedy, and a heaping helping of disturbed content, this Lars Von Trier outing is the film for you.

    Gross rating: 7/10

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    What are some of your favorite gross, gory movies? The bloodier, the better – that's what they say, right?

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    Drop your movie suggestions in the comments!

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