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    • PaulUK

      “Stand your ground” sounds like a very sensible law to me, and even our government in the UK is considering bringing one similar, to allow lethal force in self-defence. If someone attacks you and you believe the level of violence they’re using (or intending to use) is going to result in your life being taken away, you’re fully justified to exercise your legal right to use lethal force to counter that, in order to save your own life. Then it should be a matter for the law and the courts to decide, if you used lethal force appropriately.  That’s exactly what happened here. And the law ruled correctly. Yet people can’t except it, because the dead person happens to be black.  

    • PaulUK

      The whole “racist” element to this story just shows what a twisted society we now live in. The facts are the facts.  FACT: There is a disproportionate amount crime being committed by ethic minorities, in many parts of America (and indeed other predominantly white-European countries).  You only have to look at the disproportionate amount of black inmates in America’s jails. Are they all victims of “racism” then?  Give me a break! More often than not, the crime they commit is against WHITE PEOPLE. If anyone should be crying “racism”, it’s white people. However, if a white person is robbed/raped/beaten by a black person, we don’t say “oh yeah that must be a racially motivated crime”.  Yet, in this Zimmerman case, someone is attacked and defends himself, and suddenly it’s racial because the guy who came off worse is black??? If ethnic minorities are committing a disproportionate amount of crime relative to their population size, then that’s why people are going to stereo-type those people and rightly nervous when seeing them loitering around their home at night-time with hoodies on. Some may call me a racist for saying it, but that’s the reality and fact of the matter.  We don’t make the news or stats of crime, people just see it as it is around them.  I’m pretty sure those ethnic minorities filling America’s jail’s aren’t all there for minor crimes, or because of the colour of their skin or biased juries.  They’re there, because they committed crime. Maybe we should be asking why they do that? And what we’re going to do about that, as a society? 

    • PaulUK

      “If Zimmerman hadn’t had a gun he probably wouldn’t have gotten out of the car to follow Martin. And the false sense of security it gave him” “False sense of security” WTF? He had a LEGAL RIGHT to carry a gun, he had a permit and he was being a GOOD CITIZEN and protecting his neighbourhood. He had every right to approach someone he didn’t recognise in A GATED COMMUNITY and question them for acting suspicious.  It’s a damn good job Zimmerman was armed and used his gun to defend himself, else he wouldn’t be alive today to tell the story most likely. Let’s not forget that animal bashed his skull several times against a slab of concrete. He got shot, because he put attacked Zimmerman who felt his life was in danger.  It’s a simple fact, an open and shut case.

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