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Vegas Got REAL Weird For National Eggnog Day

Who doesn't like a cup of eggnog during the holidays? Well, took it to the next level. We present: The #VegasEggnogChallenge

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Vegas Eggnog Challenge

No one is more stoked about #NationalEggnogDay then They put their face where their mouth is and created a challenge to show their true love for the milky good stuff. Natesha Tuggle stepped up to the #VegasEggnogChallenge to show you how it's done.


Challenge Accepted?

If you accept the challenge, record someone pouring eggnog into your mouth. The pourer must be off screen and pour from above. The longest pour wins. Use #VegasEggnogChallenge to enter. Remember, longest pour wins! Stay milky, friends.

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